90 days of Personal Training Cardiovascular and Weight Training, Nutritional Counseling, Competion Services Support, Posing & Styling, and Suit

Personal Training

Work with one of San Diego’s Top Fitness Competition Trainers to sculpt your body into your top competitor form. Over 15 years of experience and # top placing trained competitors has given Chris the tools to help you find your true inner Competition Beast.

Nutritional Counseling

Chris has a bachelors in Nutrition and is a licensed dietician. His natural approach to competition training allows the body to transform as it was meant to be and assists in maintaining the shape after competition. Chris is able to educate and coach you through the process so when you are done you’ll leave with hard won knowledge and experience.

Competition Support

By signing on as a Real Deal Fitness Competitor you become supported in every avenue of the sport. Chris’s contacts in the business allow you to concentrate on getting your body into shape not if your suit is going to done on time or who’s going to do you tanning or hair. Real Deal Fitness also pays a portion of the fees associated with these services to help ease you into the competition world.


Our facility is available by appointment only.


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