Look beautiful and slim in three simple steps

We all like to look beautiful and slim; or for guys handsome and built. Dreams are too far if we do not make an attempt to do something to make them true. So, what can we do to achieve the model-like figure we all dream of?

Eat right

First step is to eat right. It is true that fatty foods are yummy and sweet treats are undeniably attractive. The sight of greens makes some gag. But what about the weight all these foods add? You don’t have to totally stop eating those burgers or drink the milkshakes. One day you eat like a normal person and the next you are a health nut… Not like that; what you need to do is to, limit. Consider your height and weight and calculate the BMI or Body Mass Index. If you weight far more than you should, stop and back up. How many burgers or submarines you eat per day? Candy items? Frappes and mocaccinos? And whatever else are up there with these vices? If you have overflowing body parts or weight issues, definitely more than you should! So stop and backtrack. If you follow something like a keto diet food list Singapore there is no need to eat kale every day, but simply get used to eating healthy and yummy food as opposed to just yummy food.

Work out

Next tip is to work out. You have a body designed many thousand years ago, a physique suitable for hunting, hard labour and at least walking or running to keep fit. Now with the new technologies you order everything online, pay bills via the web sit and watch various movies rather than taking a stroll to the movie theater. So it is no wonder that people get sick mainly due to the lack of body exertion. Gyms and the like are earning more than any other small establishments now because they “promise” a killer body. But if you do not go there, what can the instructor do?  Anyway, if you want to get in shape, going to a gym is not a must at all. Stand up, stretch and walk around! Walk to the market or buy lunch. Do not pay anyone to mow the lawn or plant some bulbs. There are a thousand things you can do for free to keep yourself healthy.

Psychological health

As scientists have found out, mental health also plays a major part in keeping oneself healthy. Apart from the obvious physical deterioration due to issues such as dementia or anxiety, negative mindset, distress and related issues also can have an effect on the body. The term “eat you from inside” was founded on this premise. However, if you think this is something you can overcome and that plan of action need you taking charge of your life, definitely a difference can be made. Physical exertion produces endorphins which makes you feel happy, so that is one more reason to work out too.

All of us want to look good, but that wouldn’t happen if you sit there doing nothing. Work towards your life’s goals including looking good!

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