Frequently Asked Questions

All of our dedicated Personal Trainers have degrees and certifications in health and fitness related fields. They are also CPR certified and insured for your protection. You will be training and working out in a clean and comfortable environment, specifically designed for Personal Training.

Our clients range in age. We tend to have more women clients, but there are no real "average" clients, just dedicated individuals who are ready to turn to a weight loss program that really works!

This depends on what your goal is. If your goal is to lose weight and tone your muscles, then we recommend that you see a trainer two to three times per week, and do 30 minutes of cardio exercise three to four times per week. This should give you excellent results, both in changing your body image and in improving your health and overall well-being.

Your results depend primarily on you. The more you train with us and the more you follow our diet recommendations, the better you are going to look and feel. We are here to help motivate and guide you in order to help you achieve your personal goals. Overall, our success rates are much higher than what you would find at a traditional gym.

You are allowed unlimited access to all cardiovascular equipment at any time. This consists of elliptical trainers, treadmills, steppers, and all of the recumbent bikes. All other equipment is used only during your time with your trainer.

The hours of our facility are by appointment only. You and your trainer will work together to determine the best time for your workout sessions, depending on your schedule.

Proper Nutrition

Productive Exercise

Positive Motivation


Our facility is available by appointment only.


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