– 60 Day Challenge –

Starting July 5th - The person with the largest change in body composition will win $1000 cash and 30 day personal training package! Change in body composition will be calculated by adding the amount of body fat % lost + pounds of muscle gained. There will be prizes for people who rank 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Open to everybody!! Entrance fee is $100 and will include InBody Testing, one-on-one nutritional counseling, and unlimited workout classes for the 60 days of the challenge. We are offering a special to new clients to get this challenge for $50 (half off!!) when they purchase any personal training package. Registration will be from July 1st -5th, initial weigh ins will be July 5th and final weigh outs will be September 5th. Late registration will be accepted.

Win and we’ll PAY YOU to lose weight!

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Unlimited Access To Classes

Attend what fits into your schedule. Classes are twice a day 6am & 6pm Mon-Frid 9am on Sat.

Nutritional Counseling

Log your food using your smartphone, at the end of the week have a one on one 30 min counseling session to discuss strategies your challenges and encouragement with your achievements. Get educated in how to support your fitness goals with your food.

Winner & Prize

The winner is found by combining the total inches and weight changed plus the before/after photo. Cash prize amount is determined by number of participants. Up to $5000 was given away in 2015!!


Our facility is available by appointment only.


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