Have a special event coming up?

Since we specialize in the 90 Day Transformations we are perfect for you when you have an upcoming wedding, high school reunion, family reunion, large hosting event and want to look your best.

Have a race or sport you want to train for?

Our trainers are fully equipped to assist you in trimming off that running time for your marathon, increasing speed and agility for that soccer playoff, want to gain muscle to make the football team or just want to become more efficient in your overall movements.

Just want to finally reach your fitness goal?

Whether its losing weight, gaining muscle, or toning up the soft spots, our trainers will get you there through solid functional fitness while working with Chris to ensure you’re supporting your body with consistent, quality food!


Our facility is available by appointment only.


Real Deal Fitness
7626 Miramar Rd Suite 3300,
San Diego, CA 92126